Footville presents Lea Lexis in video Extra savings
Rating: 2.61
It was another day at the shoe store with Renato. There was already a hottie in the store browsing when two more beautiful girls came in. They all had luscious legs and sexy bodies. The two girls asked to try on some shoes and then asked if he was the infamous Tony. Renato pretended to be Tony and got all the perks. They said they heard so many things about him and they wanted to see for themselves. Soon after, they were rubbing their feet all over him. He was having a fantastic time licking and kissing their sexy feet. All the while the other girl was watching quietly. She wanted some assistance with some shoes, but Renato was too busy sucking on toes to notice. They took off his pants and sucked on his cock while playing with his balls with their toes. Then, he fucked them while sucking and licking their toes and feet. Then, they requested hot man juice all over their feet. They gave him a foot job until he squirted all over their feet.

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