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Rating: 2.62
We went out to get some exfoliating scrub and, we found out we could make our own. This whole idea started, so Molly could get Lizze naked. Molly may look nice and sweet, but she loves to eat pussy. We got together and started to mix up the ingredients. Lizze was thinking the same as Molly because she mentioned the fact that she could not wait to scrub Mollys tits. They hit the showers as soon as they got the scrub mixing done. Lizze had such a nice tight body. Her amazing smile matched her body so well. The scrub was applied and certain body parts were a teased. Once they got out, their bodies were all nice and smooth. The shower teasing moved to the next level. The clits were licked and sucked to the point of explosion. This scrub session was a hot and sexy experience.

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